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Welcome to bakabitcoin, the best faucets and much more!

If this is your first time here! You will need to visit FaucetHUB and sign up so the faucets can pay you! This is a great starting point if you are new to crypto currency and want to get your feet wet! Thank you for visiting my site!

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Getting started

To get started you will need a wallet. I suggest using Cryptopia, it is a currency exchanger and will provide you with wallets for FaucetHUB. You can also create a hard wallet, cold storage or android / iPhone app wallets. Google if you are interested.

Once you have your wallet addresses go to FaucetHUB and create an account. Once you have an account click on wallet addresses and add your addresses for each currency you want to use. These will be the addresses you use to claim on faucets.

You are now able to visit faucets and collect FREE money. On FaucetHUB the premium faucets list has a large list as well as many users in the chatbox who are more than happy to share their site with you.

When at a faucet you will enter your address. There are usually Captcha, ReCaptcha or Solvemedia, these are for human verification. You must select the images it asks or type the word it says (or sometimes, answer a question) and continue. Some sites have pop ups or skip ads that you must wait to click skip.

There are a few kinds of faucets. Some save up and let you cash out, some have instant payouts and some are miners. Its up to you to decide which works best. Try to not use the save up and cash out sites, very often those sites never pay out or you never reach threshold for payout however you can trust in Bakabitcoin.xyz service, it is fully functiunal.

Once you have claimed you should see the deposit on your FaucetHUB account! Its really that simple to make FREE money.

Participating in chat on FaucetHUB is a great way to earn more free coins! (they call it rain) Do not spam or single post words just for rain, you will end up banned quickly.

What are faucets, miners and floodgates?

These are websites where you can earn satoshi either for solving a captcha, viewing ads or traffic. Bakabitcoin.xyz use´s them.

What is Satoshi?

The satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). It may not seem like much but every one of those is worth something and they add up quick.

How do faucets, miners and floodates work?

On a normal faucet you will enter your wallet address, solve a captcha and be rewarded with Satoshi instantly. More often than not you will get a pop up screen or a 2nd captcha to solve before you can get the payout. Most payout in 0 to 15 minutes some as long as a day.

Some of these faucets require you to build up to a certain amount of Satoshi in order to get a payout instead of instant, you should check these out before comitting a weeks worth of work only to find out they are inactive. (FaucetHUB chat is a good place)

On a miner page you will enter your wallet address, start the miner and just leave it going. It will earn for you as long as it is running. Miners pay out at specific thresholds or times. (FaucetHUB for example pays out at 100 accumulated Satoshi)

Floodgates and auto faucets are similar to faucets except you only need to solve captcha or pop ups once and as long as you have the page running do not need to solve them again. Most payout in 1 to 10 minutes.

People who run the websites are usually compensated for payouts by ad revenue. Most of the sign up and verification is for anti fraud. (so bots dont drain their accounts) If the faucet is constantly out of money or has errors, move on.

There are also paid to click sites, game sites for dice, gambling, playing pokemon type of games and even to earn watching videos, you just have to look and you can probably find a way to earn from it. Bakabitcoin.xyz have his own service, try it!

Is it worth it?

If you are trying to get rich over night, no. If you want something to do in your spare time that will slowly build up this is for you. You can do it while you watch TV, clean, anything! Its a great way to make some extra money in your spare time. Some faucets pay better than others, it is up to you to find the best faucets that work for you.

Investments, are they worth it?

No, most are scams and the ones that are not may not be around to payout before they close. I do not suggest them and cannot recommend anything to do with them. Only the services we promote in our website is trusted by Bakabitcoin.xyz company.

Advantages using bakabitcoin.xyz service

While you put trust into this website we guarantee the best to you! Bakabitcoin.xyz is your best choice to make your feet wet. Website work behind the cover is updated each week with the best way to give you the best ways to earn balance and knowledgement of cryptocoins. While some doesn´t like the work that is input on this website, other´s are interested. The more you have, less you want. The more you want, less you have. What ever your choice is or will be, Bakabicoin.xyz will always be here and became greater with the guy behind the cover and with your trust! Stay tuned.

Don´t worry. Your data is confidencial. We only ask you the basic personal information in order to give the website necessary keys to make your navigation smooth. Bakabitcoin.xyz website is constantly searching the best codes to make website safer, at this moment even if an hacker could get into the website databases he would not get anything usable, this happens because everything is encrypted with the code MD5. Trust in this website work because it makes everything to the most to make our users will to come back and happy.

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